A new class of mechanical devices has been opened.

A group of engineers presented a detailed description of the technology that allows to place complex mechanisms in the outer part of the structure that do not occupy a real internal space.

The new class of mechanisms was called «deployed», due to its ability to take three-dimensional forms of flat configurations without stretching or breaking. Their feature is to expand the potential of curved surfaces. They can transform or change when deploying to perform unique functions, and then return to its original position. The engineers themselves from Brigham Young University compare them with devices on the hands of a fantastic costume of the Iron man.

The discovery will allow you to create compact complex mechanisms embedded in the surface to perform complex tasks. According to engineers, it is very important now, since medicine, cosmic and military industries are constantly working to get additional opportunities in smaller device space.

Deployable Mechanisms can be used to create vehicles that can completely hide a part of the external elements, wheels producing when the «claws», bulletproof barriers for policemen and many others. Before such devices could be seen only in films, but science gradually catchies science fiction.

Studies took more than 10 years, and inspired scientists by the usual origami. However, mathematics revealed the potential

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