American military will equip tiny drones for espionage

The US Army concluded an agreement with Flir Systems for the supply of tiny spy drones of Black Hornet (Black Hornet) for almost all ground-based divisions.

The amount of the contract is $ 39.6 million. This fundamental company should provide armed forces with highly efficient personal intelligence systems. Black Hornet is easily placed on the palm of palm, since its length is only 16.7 cm, and the mass of 33 grams. Drone can fly at a speed of 17.5 km / h at a distance of 1.6 km and is located in the air for 25 minutes without recharging.

The drone is also capable of making HD quality photos and lead a direct video broadcast. All data transmitted by it is encrypted by the AES 256 algorithm and come to a special portable station, with which the operator controls the device.

Flir Systems argues that black scrolls function normally at a temperature of -10 ° C to 43 ° C and withstand the wind gusts to 37 km / h. The details of the current contract and the exact volumes of the supplies are unknown, but the ultimate goal is to provide a minimum of one drone and a station of 7,000 US Army detachments.

In the Arms Racing, China also seeks to prove its superiority. According to local media, the Military War Ships of the Fleet will establish