Argentina will support the startup blockchain, approved by Binance Labs

The Ministry of Development and Labor Argentina stated that it would invest up to $ 50 thousand in National Startups, which will receive funding from the venture division of the BINANCE cryptobyri.

The government implements the initiative in the framework of the joint incubation program. The authorities intend to annually support up to 10 projects over the middle of four years. This decision was made after the Binance Labs elected Buenos Aires as one of the centers of the second stage of its program of accelerated technology development.

Approved projects and their developers will be able to receive not only material support, but also advice, access to the global base of blockchain-decisions, as well as assistance in choosing optimal market products.

The authorities show this area even during the decline in Crypto Industry, as the country is looking for ways to combat banking restrictions and hyperinflation, which in 2018 increased to 201%. Citizens use innovative funds, including Bitcoin to deal with economic instability.

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