Binance distribute to testers decentralized platform $ 100 thousand in BNB tokens

BINANCE largest cryptocyrje wants to attract as many traders as possible to test their decentralized platform, therefore he will distribute participants about $ 100 thousand in BNB tokens.

According to Chanpna Jao’s CEO, this should help the stock exchange speed up the launch of the full version of DEx. The program is presented as a competition in which any registered user of the main trading platform can take part, which owns at least one Binance Coin token (

Competition will be held from March 7 to 21 and will consist of two directions. The first provides for the price volatility competition. It will take into account the input and use of new tokens in the test network, as well as the change in their value relative to the BNB, fixed every five minutes. Following the results, three winners will be selected, which will receive from 1000 to 3000 BINANCE COIN.

The second direction will take into account the absolute profitability of trading strategies of participants when working with certain tokens. There are 20 prizes from 50 to 1000 BNB. At the time of writing the material, the BINANCE COIN course is $ 11.11. Test version of the decentralized cryptobiri platform