China began to build the first space power station

China is working on the creation of the first cosmic installation, which will convert solar energy into electrical, and then transfer it with a laser or microwave to the ground.

Scientists from the Chinese Academy of Space Technologies declare that Chongqing has already begun to build an experimental station. Initially plan to create a reduced version and bring it into the stratosphere until 2025. By 2030, an orbit should begin to start working with a capacity of 1 MW, and then all larger generators will begin to design, in order to construct a space solar power plant by 1 GW.

According to the researchers, the orbital station will be able to work six times more efficiently ground analogues, since it will not depend on seasonality and changing the time of day, and the light will not interfere with the atmosphere. The principle of installation is that solar energy will be converted into electricity, and then with the help of microwave or laser beam, transmitted to a special ground receiver.

The project implementation is also associated with a number of technical problems that will need to be solved. First of all, the mass of the design will be about 1 million kg, which is 2.5 times heavier than the ISS. Therefore, scientists consider the possibility of using robotics and 3D-printing technologies for the construction of a power plant in space without the need to start a bulky setting from the surface of the planet. Additionally, it is necessary to study in detail the effect of generated radiation on the ecology and the atmosphere of the Earth.

Researchers expect that the creation of energy plants will help in the further development of space. Although this concept has been proposed back in 1941 Isaac Azimov, but China will become the first country that will embody fantastic

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