Course XRP Ripple jumped by 11%: growth factors

Yesterday, in the afternoon, the rapid growth of Ripl began, which is due to the news on the partnership of the international bank payment network SWIFT with the blockchain-consortium R3, which previously integrated the cryptocurrency of the XRP as an asset on the CORDA platform.

Earlier, we

During the Paris Fintech, Gottfried Forum, Labbrandt responded positively about the XRP, calling the product with a global asset of cross-border payment network. Adding that banks still do not solve the use of cryptocurrency due to volatility. According to the head of SWIFT, the main disadvantage of Ripple Labs is its dependence on XRP.

Such news gave rise to bulls to start speculation raised in a short period

However, analysts note that a full demand for demand is possible only after completing the tests and full integration of the CORDA platform. In their opinion, Ripl is successful not only because of the uniqueness of its products, but also largely due to the competent promotion and advertising campaign.

The cryptosocial community also doubts the decentralization of the stated estimates of the project. According to