Cryptopia Cryptopia hacked rareered

Cryptopia’s New Zealand Cryptobria revealed an approximate volume of losses incurred as a result of the January hacking.

From the moment Kiberatka and the involvement of the police, the trading platform did not provide any information about the scope of the theft, referring to the investigative secret. Only today in Twitter, the company reported that although analysts still continue to evaluate the damage, but even in the worst case, fraudsters managed to steal no more than 9.4% of the total number of disposable assets. However, the platform does not disclose an approximate amount in monetary terms.

According to third-party analysts, hacking losses amounted to about $ 16 million, but it is also known that hackers continued to control the platform systems even after bringing the police. During this time, they managed to steal almost 1.7 thousand ether.

After Cryptopia recorded a violation of security systems, the company suspended its activities and immediately appealed to law enforcement agencies. The police say that the investigation is progressing quite well, but due to the complexity of cybercrime, to find involved in the time.

Recall that in Russia Cryptovaya Cryptovaya