Cryptosmartphone Finney

At the moment, there are three specialized on cryptocurrentes of the phone, which have at least some kind of reviews: Finney Cryptosmartphone, Electroneum M1 and EXODUS from HTC. All devices are worthy of a separate review, after which it will be possible to make a comparison. Let’s start with Finni — the device for $ 1000.

The device from Finney looks unique, avoiding the standard black oblong color, which we used to see. The quality of the assembly is good, with the exception of a little inappropriate edge, where the screen corresponds to the top of the phone.

Weighs smartphone 203 grams with a thickness of 9.3 mm. Uncomfortablely located rear fingerprint sensor — next to the camera. The reason why the fingerprint sensor and the camera lens are low on the rear panel — the 2-inch OLED screen, which is extended upwards. This is the main hardware feature of the smartphone from Finni — the wallet for storing cryptocurrencies literally discovers on the rear panel. As soon as it is open, it is immediately concerned about the resistance of the design — the retractable part is slightly staggering.

Cryptocurrency is the only feature, because of which a cryptosmartphone is bought. The first task of the owner is to install a wallet. To do this, you need to go through a fairly tedious process:

At this stage, the user has an empty wallet, waiting for replenishment. Finney wallet does not provide any opportunity to buy a cryptocurrency directly, so it is necessary to contact a third-party application or other service — an explicit drawback. For translation, cryptocurrencies can be used by exchanges that have their own applications. For example, coinbase.

So, the wallet encryption is completed, what’s next? It would be logical to go to the store and make the purchase of something for cryptocurrency, but where to do it? Due to the lack of establishments in which they take a crypt, you must be content with a decentralized application store.

Finney has its own store for decentralized applications, which is called DCenter. At the moment it contains 16 applications, most of which are needed to collect CRYPTOKITIES items. If the telephone owner uses various Dapps, Finni can be useful.

In addition, Sirin Labs tried to stimulate buyers, providing them with a financial remuneration of cryptocurrency for watching video and interaction with applications. For example, for watching two very boring video about the blockchain, you can earn 7500 KUE and 1300 SWC.

The buns in the form of a cryptocurrency wallet and the DAPP store looks good, but they clearly do not cost $ 1000. Perhaps other basic characteristics of the FINNEY smartphone will reach it until the price is stated.

Continue overview of the Finney cryptosmartphone features. Sirin Labs did not pay much attention to this aspect: twelve megapixels with one lens, optical image stabilization and HDR mode. It removes the video 4K at a speed of 60 frames per second and has electronic stabilization of the image. Camera app is a basic Android application, and Google photo is used for albums. Everything is quite ordinary than today’s standards. There is no portrait mode, there is no hybrid zoom, there is no bright night regime, nothing.

Still, it should be noted that the photos are clear, bright and realistic colors, the camera copes well into cloudy days and with weak lighting. Photos with food were also good, Finnie forced the colors to pop up, leaving the item appetizing.

Oddly enough, the front 8 megapixel camera has a software portrait mode. However, a low number of megapixels is greatly inferior, for example, iPhone XS MAX. Conclusion — the camera clearly does not pull the phone for $ 1000.

Finney starts very quickly in comparison with Huawei Mate 20 Pro. He is lightning and ready for work in a few seconds. The heart is the SnapDragon 845 processor. In the smartphone, 6 GB of RAM is installed, 128 GB of internal memory and a microSD memory card slot, which is enough for most tasks.

One of the main questions is how the cryptosmartphone is protected? Android 8.1.0 is set with a security patch from January 2019. Sirin Labs configured Android with its own user interface called Sirin OS, which occurs in updates. It is based on a highly stubborn OS Solarin, which comes with the SIRIN OS cybersecurity center installed.

The list of security features is extensive and as tangled as Bitcoin. This includes a system of protection against intrusion engagement, protection against network attacks, protection against cybirdrozers and a promise of security updates on a regular basis. This is before all firewall and protective elements that protect the wallet. At the moment, only BlackBerry is approaching Finney according to the degree of security. The rest of the Sirin OS works as well as ordinary Android.

Finney battery with a capacity of 3260 mAh, which is reflected in the time of use. The day is the absolute maximum that you can expect. Playing video on YouTube from 100% to zero is possible for six hours and 45 minutes. Charging takes two hours.

Today you can buy Finney Cryptosmartphone for $ 1000 on the Sirin Labs website. The manufacturer gives a 12-month warranty at the international level and 24-month-old in Europe, covering any defects with the exception of random damage.

Finney clear makes it clear that cryptocurrency is not yet ready for mass use and this is the main problem of the phone. If you remove the cold wallet, the device will remain perfectly protected, but an ordinary smartphone.

Is there a better alternative? At the moment there are two options: M1 Electroneum and EXODUS from HTC. By the price / quality ratio, the electroneum cryptosmartphone must be preferable, as it allows you to make the ETN mines, but we will deal with this in the next article. Exodus from HTC will also not be ignored.

If you have $ 1000, it is better to spend half the finney cost on OnePlus 6T or Honor View 20, and then buy a separate LEDGER hardware wallet. For the remaining money, you can buy cryptocurrency for your Ledger to be empty.

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