In India, they will create the fastest transportation system of freight transportation

DP WORLD, one of the largest port operators in the world, intends to create in India the fastest transport system for the transport of goods based on a high-speed vacuum train project.

Last year, DP World entered into an agreement with Virgin Hyperlooop ONE to develop an innovative cargo conveyor. However, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ahmed Bin Sultan Sulyam stated that the first project would be implemented not in the UAE, but in India. According to him, one of the main problems of the country today is the overload of communication paths and congestion, and the high-speed railway line can be a decision, because it will be underground, outside the access for 1.3 billion citizens.

Virgin Hyperloop One is one of the few companies involved in the development of the concept, which provides for the movement of the capsules on the magnetic cushion in the forvacuum pipeline at a speed of up to 1220 km / h. For the first time, the idea was proposed in 2013 by the founder of Tesla Ilona mask. Today, the construction of passenger traffic trails is conducted in the USA,

The Chairman of the Board of DP World also reported that the team in India had already started working on the project, and in Los Angeles were solved

Previously, we also reported that Boeing conducted