Physics discovered exotic spiral electrons

A group of physicists discovered the exisotic form of electrons that move along the helix around their own antiparticles.

Scientists discovered that under the intensive effect of light on the surface of the bismuth selenide crystal, chiral excitons are formed, consisting of «knocked out» electron radiation and an educated positively charged hole. After the particle appears, it is starting to rotate each other quickly and face a trillionth fraction of a second. Mutual destruction causes a low frequency light radiation, called photoluminescence.

Excitons are considered chiral, because with a mirror reflection it does not pass itself. For example, as the right hand in reflection seems left.

The dynamics of the detected exotic particles are not yet clear to the end, so in further physicists plan to explore the possibility of their occurrence on other materials and apply equipment for monitoring super-fast processes. According to them, the discovery can be used to develop new types of lasers, electronic displays, solar cells and lighting devices.

Recently, physicists from the University of California reported creating