Alfa-Bank and Quartflat 24 launched a blockchain accounting and distribution of utility bills


Alfa-Bank and Ritchpota 24 launched a service for settlements in the housing and communal services on the basis of the R3 Corda Blockchain-platform, which will increase transparency of operations, the confidence of participants to the payment system and will help significantly reduce the time of receipt of payments.

The service guarantees the lack of delays in the intermediaries and the movement of the entire volume on the day of payment, due to the instant and automatic distribution of funds adopted by END, between all structures. At the same time, the blockchain technology ensures the accuracy and impossibility of making changes to data after recording in the system.

As a result, the Suppliers of the LCQ together with the management companies will be able to optimize work with debts of citizens, and social protection authorities are true and within the prescribed period to accumulate subsidies. Partners say that the most effective advanced technologies in the utility will continue to integrate into the utilities. In the future, it is planned to involve payments, sales, network and generating companies, social bodies. Support.

Developers celebrate the simplicity and economic advantages of connecting and working with a new system. In addition, participants do not need to go to another software, it is enough to configure the information channel in the blockchain.

Recall that recently the head of Rosobrnadzor Sergey Kravtsov