Apple will begin production of ar-glasses by the end of 2019


Apple is actively working on the integration of the technologies of augmented reality into its devices and, according to the analyst of Minga-Chi Kuo, may begin the serial production of AR-glasses in the fourth quarter of 2019.

It is expected that the headset will not receive its own video card or processor, and, most likely, use the connection to the iOS device to control the virtual reality. In the glasses themselves, only the display will be launched, camera sensors and electronics for wireless communication. This will significantly reduce their mass and energy consumption, compared with the headsets of competitors, such as

The use of computing capacities of other devices will also cause higher quality graphics and reduce the cost. However, it is not known how much energy will spend the same iPhone on maintaining Apple AR-glasses and whether the purchase of a new gadget will be required.

According to the analyst, the company looks with optimism to the prospects of the future product and is confident that it will enjoy tremendous demand in the market. However, added that the development may be delayed and the start of mass production can be transferred to the second quarter of 2020.

The development of another futuristic device is engaged in the company Jetpack Aviation, which creates