As Intel, Samsung and AMD will affect mining in 2019


Bitmain is experiencing difficult times, during which it is forced

In March 2018, Intel reported that he was developing in the field of mining, and in December the company officially received a patent for its device that combines the Hardware Accelerator of Mining, the processor and optimized software. US patent and trademarks of the United States issued relevant documents, since the device has all the grounds for them. Recall that to obtain a patent, the equipment must be

CPU-mining will not receive a new breathing, although the developed method of acceleration of the cryptocurrency will work in combination with ASIC,

Intel’s software is in optimizing sensitive ways in the hash functions. Due to optimization, an additional time will appear to scalize the power supply voltage and reduce the switching capacity of the equipment. As a result, the combinational power in the search for hash will be increased by 35%. Simply put, a selective binding parameters will occur to simplify the repetition of calculations.

When the Bitcoin’s course is below $ 3500, the mining cryptocurrency profitability in 2019 directly depends on the number of miners in the network defining a common hashrayite. Bitcoin Hesrayite grew to November 2018, then unprofitable miners were forced to turn off and Hesrayite fell. Intel accelerator will allow the previously disconnected Majnera to enter the game again by lifting the overall computing power of all cryptocurrency networks with the SHA-256 algorithm.

Intel has long been attempting to introduce into crypto-industria. Almost a year ago, an agreement was concluded with Pokitdok for joint development on the blockchain, aimed at the health sector. Back in 2017, it was given to cooperate with the major technological company Tencent, in which the development of blockchalter solutions was planned for

AMD decided to change the manufacturing strategy for mining equipment. In 2019, engineers will work on the design of ready-made GPU farms, and this is the reason. Annual report AMD about income states that the company tried to sell video cards in the last quarter of 2018, but it was not completely. In the first quarter of 2019, a drop in revenue is predicted to 12%, and in prospects for a year, revenue should fall by as much as 24%. Old video cards need to sell faster for the speedy exit of devices based on 7-nm technical process (in particular, AMD Radeon VII).

Where do the remnants of video cards, if the demand for them fell at times, is it more profitable for Mainers to buy on Avito? It is for this purpose that the video card type Radeon RX 470 will be combined into one AMD farm for mining.

As you can see, AMD remains in the mining market, unlike NVIDIA. Sapphire Technology also places high hopes for the sale of video cards for mining in 2019. To this end, headquarters in Hong Kong was opened. The ready-made Sapphire farm combines the power of 7 RX 470 video cards with two graphic chips (two-toned video card with Polaris architecture), Linux OS and an Inca CS-14 block counting system with installed for mining. The official AMD website is told that Riga varieties will also be drawn up in assemblies from Asus, Asrock, MSI, Tul, ELIOVP, Rajintek and Biostar.

Samsung Foundry, which is a branch of Samsung Electronics, at the beginning of the year began to produce the Power Plus chip (7LPP) with a technical process of 7 nm. The main advantage of POWER Plus was announced in the device’s press release — reducing energy consumption by 50%.

The advanced technical process is based on extreme ultraviolet lithography, which makes it possible to increase the number of transistors per unit area, in parallel reducing power consumption. According to South Korean engineers, Power Plus 7LPP will become the basic model for the studies of the technical process of 3 nm. Samsung hopes that 7LPP will help achieve success in the field

The main manufacturer of ASIC-miners continues a protracted black band, as evidenced by price reduction on

Despite the fact that the relevance of mining in 2019 remains low, Bitmain competitors continue to develop. Even GMO, which has already stopped the release of Asians, returned to the market with Mainer B3. Innosilicon engineers were most surprised, which presented Asik for Mineland Bitcoin T2 Turbo with Hesreit 32 Th / S and Bitfury with its flagship Bitfury Tardis with Hesreite 80 th / s.

Crypto Industry is currently experiencing a crisis, so to make a profit, Mainers need to be considered