Blockchain will save housing and communal services from falsification and counterfeit


Bitfury and Matrix co-implemented the implementation of the decision to combat the illicit trafficking of polymer pipes in the CIS based on the Bitfury Exonum blockchain-platform.

A new control system will easily confirm the quality of the goods and the authenticity of the accompanying documents. All information about the manufactured products will be entered into the blockchain, providing open access to specifications, and certificates for finished pipes will be marked by the QR code. The use of a distributed registry technology will simplify the audit, it will not reduce the possibility of the forgery and falsification of data.

The project has already received support for key market participants — the first pipes of the new sample will produce the largest manufacturer of the «Polyplastics» manufacturer in the CIS, and one of the first buyers will become Mosvodokanal.

The operator of the system will be the Russian IT-company «Matrix». A new solution will allow manufacturers to monitor supply channels, increase sales and increase profitability by combating counterfeit products. The state will be able to monitor the turnover on the market, to deal with illegal activities, shadow income and unfair participants. Consumers can use only high-quality materials, avoiding additional expenses for the elimination of accidents.

According to Dmitry Ufaeva, the heads of Bitfury in Russia, the company’s mission is to promote innovation and fighting fraudsters not only in the financial sector, but also in other sectors of the economy, so they develop a full package of reliable and scalable products.

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