Bluetooth 5.1 will allow you to determine the exact location of objects without GPS or Wi-Fi


The developers announced the release of Bluetooth 5.1 standard, which includes enlarged support for location services with accuracy of up to 10 centimeters.

The Special Bluetooth (SIG) group argues that the new protocol allows not only the distance based on the signal level, but also includes two ways to determine the direction using several antennas (on the phone or on the transmitter). Added radio advantage technology measures the angle of arrival and signal deviation.

According to the command, the new feature works so exactly that if your keys are lost on the sofa, then thanks to the device you can determine which pillow must be checked.

BLUETOOTH 5.1 Basic Specification has become available on January 28. Developers expect that it will cause a new wave of gadgets that do not need GPS and Wi-Fi to obtain accurate location data. In addition, the device consumes very little energy, which allows the design of tiny computers that can be attached to any object.

Sig expects that their innovation will have an impact on retail trade, health, production and internet devices of things in general.

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