Boeing introduced a unmanned fighter


Boeing announced the development of an autonomous fighter, which can have a different bundle and will be available to customers around the world.

The new model of a unmanned aircraft was named Boeing Airpower Teaming System. Its length is 11.6 m, and the maximum range of flights is 3704 km. The first launch should take place in 2020. The most important feature is the absence of a living pilot, which will allow the fighter to fulfill the tasks with which the person would not have coped.

The airline did not reveal the technical details of the novelties and did not report its maximum speed. However, a potentially drone will be able to fly higher and faster than devices limited to human physiology. The representative of Boeing said that the main advantage of the fighter would be that it can be used in high risk operations.

US Air Force is already negotiating with the supply of aircraft with autonomous control systems. Although the airproof says that the project developed is a flexible solution that can be equipped with various useful modules, sensors and equipment depending on the needs of any customer.

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