BOERSE STUTTGART Fund Stock Exchange launched a cryptocurrent trading app


Boerse Stuttgart Group, the second largest stock exchange of Germany, announced the launch of its own mobile application for the bison cryptocurrency.

The purpose of the product is to simplify access to the market of virtual assets for traders and investors who are accustomed to working with traditional tools. At the moment, users can trade Bitcoin (BTC), Ripl (XRP), Ether (ETH) and Lightcoin (LTC) for free. According to the press release, by the end of this year, the list of supported cryptocurrencies will be expanded. When selecting coins, they will take into account their common market capitalization, customer interest and the possibility of reliable storage. It is also planned to open access for residents of other European countries.

Initially, trade will be carried out daily from 6:00 to 24:00 local time, but in the future it will be introduced around the clock mode. The software development was engaged in Fintech Sowa Labs, a subsidiary of Boerse Stuttgart Group, and for safe storage of cryptocurrencies corresponds to another division of the operator — Blocknox.

Representatives of the stock exchanges of many countries also announced their plans to launch cryptocurrency platforms. The most expected is Bakkt, supported by the world’s largest operator Intercontinental Exchange, which is still waiting for the approval of the American regulator. However, the startup does not lose time and in December 2018 during the first round of financing already