Both Hardforka Ethereum successfully activated


As planned, in the 7280000 unit, the system-wide updates Ethereum Constantinople and St. were activated. Petersburg.

The sixth and seventh Hardforka were successful, but so far not all GETH and PARITY nodes moved to a new version. However, unlike 2016, no chain branches were found after such major changes, which confirms the universal adoption of the innovation of the crypto community.

Due to the shortcomings of the Constantinople innovation protocol, the date of its launch was transferred twice. After detection

Operators and miners were to install customers in advance, which automatically started functioning after the installed block, so users will not face any problems. However, they will be available new features that improve the operation of the network and smart contracts.

Earlier, the rate growth rate of Etheruum was ahead of the indicators of other coins, which indicated its support to the market and the presence of speculative manifesis in anticipation of Hardforka. Although after activation, there was still no sudden cost changes. At the time of writing material ether (

By this moment, all operators Ripl also