Brain training with biohaking: myth or reality?


Every day hundreds of thousands of people around the world are looking for information on how to pump the brain by 100%. In search engines, they find different ways to improve intellectual abilities, one of which is biohaking brain.

Research enthusiasts in the field of homemade amateur molecular biology and body modifications implants call themselves biohackers. In general understanding, the term means a set of methods that change the work of the human body.

Representatives of the new-fashioned flow argue that certain biodenders and other products can positively influence the human brain activity, increasing the speed and quality of thinking. A long-term positive effect of nootropics, antioxidants and dietary supplements is not clinically proven for mental activity, so enthusiasts promote biohaking brain as a kind of healthy lifestyle. In addition to studies on rats, supporters of biodevices have nothing more to boast.

One of the methods of mass promotion of «smart» bars has become a legend about the use of additives by programmers from a silicon valley — a classic example of cognitive distortion. The most successful programmers work in California and often they really take various vitamins in combination with sports, adhering to the call. Biohakers associate zozh and dietary supplements, distorting reality.

The short-term change in indicators of mental activity is possible to achieve due to the use of nootropics, which have long been sold in pharmacies for the appointment of the doctor. For example, modafinyl really helps to hold from sleep within 36 hours, keeping focusing thoughts at a natural level. The effect of magnetic and electrical brain stimulation is also proved, but hacking, i.e. Hacking system of organism, it is impossible to name. Moreover, the side effects of the effects of nootrops are proved clinically, and some of their species are very close to amphetamines. You can add a list of biochaking methods.

Much closer to Hucking is the conscious dreams. As you know, a person very rarely remembers dreams, but can work out the technique of their awareness and recording in memory. It is noteworthy that no additives are required for this, but also a direct benefit from the technique of conscious dreams is difficult to find. As for the working elements, the positive impact on the activity of the brain is provided by products containing resveratrol, pronexonene and eikapentaenic acid, caffeine, glucose, water.

Consider feedback on the book Dave Espiri Biohaking Brain. Verified maximum pumping plan for your brain in two weeks. «

Negative and common comments were the most popular and widespread comments. Readers noted that they regret buying a book that broadcasts the dangers of toxins and neurotoxins. If you believe the author, then dairy and vegetable products are easier to attribute to poisons. Even nuts, which are traditionally considered a supplier of Iodine necessary for the brain, are harmful to us.

It turns out that mold lives in all products from ordinary stores, so you should buy only organic foods, one of which is copyright coffee. Advertisment is stuck the whole book that does not add her advantages. Readers also note the confusion between pesticides and GMOs. Overall, on comments, you might think that the book is more about the call, than about biohaking brain.

If even the most popular book in this area does not popularize biodenders, it is worth considering methods that can really help in brain training.

Healthy lifestyle, high-quality nutrition, sports cardion loads and good sleep are a basic foundation for the normal functioning of the gray substance. Now consider specialized techniques for improving brain activity — mental fitness or brain fitness:

You can also add thousands of exercises such as mirror drawing with both hands or reality recovery in the imagination. There is a lot of online services that contain sets of games and exercises on the brain training. Even professional athletes are increasingly trained using similar techniques conjugate with the development of gaming movements.

Bioduds for the brain have no first year exist, but still have not yet proven their effectiveness with clinical studies. Develop mental activity is necessary with the help of healthy balanced nutrition, sports, special free exercises and comprehensive development.