Central Bank will limit the purchase of digital assets for unqualified investors


The Central Bank of the Russian Federation proposes to register in the draft law on digital financial assets annual restrictions on their purchase and exchange. Over the observance of the norms will be followed by operators, which will be credited to track all transactions and exchange data with each other.

The head of the State Duma Committee on Finryanka Anatoly Aksakov confirmed

The Central Bank proposes to introduce restrictions on the total cost of purchased or exchanged digital assets. Recall that the State Duma plans

The new edition of the draft law on the Central Federal District also provides that all operators working with tokens are obliged to monitor their sale, movement and volumes, and if necessary, disclose information to law enforcement services. Operators will register separately, and Emissary will be able to conduct only JUR. Persons and IPs acting in accordance with Russian laws. Cryptoactive transactions will be carried out only through credit organizations or stock exchanges.

Previously, Anatoly Aksakov also reported that in Russia to carry out operations with cryptocoluts it will be necessary to pass a special