Cheap 2D material per hour cleans 10 liters of water from 99.99% of bacteria using only sunlight


Scientists have developed an inexpensive water purification system in which carbon nitride under the action of sunlight destroys 99.9999% of bacteria, including intestinal wand. 10 liters cleaning takes about half an hour.

In the presented system as an internal photocatalyst, researchers from the University of Yangzhou used two-dimensional sheets of graphite-like carbon nitride. Under the influence of direct sunlight, the material generates electrons that interacting with oxygen in water creates compounds that destroy bacteria.

Although there are also other cleaning systems based on similar chemical processes, but they use photocatalysts in them, which in the process of work leave harmful substances as a by-product. At the same time, they also need much more time for disinfection.

According to scientists, their system is ten times more efficient than other alternatives with non-metallic photocatalysts. At the moment, the team works on the placement of the invention in portable containers so that they can start using in the regions with a shortage of drinking water around the world.

Recall that US engineers also developed a new production technology