Compare Block-Smartphon Exodus 1 and Finney


In January 2019, the company HTC start selling a blockchain-smartphone EXODUS 1. Consider the main features of the cryptocurrency device for $ 700 and compare it with

Exodus 1 was created on the basis of HTC U12 Plus. The eyes immediately rushes an impressive phone size: 157 x 74 x 9.7 mm. The monitor is equipped with EDGE SENSE technology, thanks to which one hand is enough to fully control the apparatus. The main design chip was the transparent rear panel, through which the battery is visible. The opaque part contains fake drawings of the rest of the «indoors» of the smartphone and gives it an engineering style.

The front panel is nothing special, as well as the black color of the waterproof housing. The frames are wide enough, the double front camera is sprinkled on the left side of the panel, and there is no headphone jack. The phone is also equipped with a fingerprint scanner. FINNEY design is distinguished by an unstable drawn cold wallet, light color of the case and one front camera in front.

According to the main characteristics, Exodus 1 review almost completely copies Finney:

There is only differences in a double chamber and a battery that the Finnie is weaker than 240 mAh. The crypto smartphones market do not inferior to more eminent competitors. For example, Galaxy S9 has a smaller size of the built-in memory, and Google Pixel 3 is equipped with only 4 GB of RAM and a smaller battery capacity. The weak side of the Exodus consists in less high-quality photographs of the camera and the thickness of the device. Performance should not be added to this list.

Before moving to the main features of Exodus, it is necessary to understand what blockchain-smartphone. This should be called a device that can interact with the blockcharous cryptocurrency directly. Ordinary smartphones with cryptoids installed in them are not blockchain-smartphones.

An application is set to storing cryptocurrency, the passwords of which are placed in a separate hardware element of the smartphone that is responsible for interacting with the blockchain. The main difference of EXODUS 1 from Finney is the absence of a classic cold wallet, although the so-called «enclave» for storing keys is not connected to the main OS. BTC, LTC, ETH, ERC 721 and ERC 20 tokens are supported.

The process of installing the wallet in Exodus is similar to Finney — after selecting the PIN code, the primary seed-phrase is required, which can be changed if necessary. The application interface is intuitively understood, there is a wallet function for storing individual elements of decentralized applications, Opera, Brave and Chrome browsers and applications for social networks are installed.

In case of loss of access key, a social recovery feature is provided. In fact, this method involves splitting and storing the password on five different devices. On the one hand, a very useful feature, on the other, is an additional opportunity for hacking for intruders.

The ARM TrustZone technology is responsible for the security of a cryptosmartphone — the tool for separating the physical memory of the device. Techinari more often use the term SECURITY EXTENSIONS. The main goal of this method is to oppose attacks with direct access to memory. Thanks to TrustZone, the peripherals, code and memory of the device are divided into two parts: trusted and untrusted.

Finney is equipped with a separate cold wallet, and the basic part of the smartphone is protected by SIRIN. What the cryptocurrency system will be better to protect the cryptocurrency, hackers will be shown over time. Experts believe that Finney looks more reliably.

Comparison of Finney and EXODUS design and basic characteristics does not give a clear answer. Among the advantages of the first Edge Sense feature, which ensures that the phone does not fall asleep while is in hand. If we consider the disadvantages, you should mark the staggering slider on the rear FINNEY panel and the lack of a headphone jack in Eksoduis. Comparison of cryptocurrency wallets will rather go to the offset of Finney. For Exodus 1, it clearly wins, as the development of HTC for $ 300 is cheaper.

What is the phone to buy? Do not hurry with the choice, since the next article will consider real mining reviews on the Electrononeum M1 cryptosmartphone for only $ 80.