Crowdfunding in Russia will start working with cryptocurrency


The Russian crowdfunding platform began to cooperate with Ra them. G.V. Plekhanov for the implementation of a joint business acceleration program for digital technologies, within which smart contracts, WP and entire platform are being developed. In the future, they also plan to integrate the decision to buy goods, services and projects for cryptocurrency.

The ultimate goal of the project is to eliminate smart high-tech businesses to the level of the prototype using the possibility of crowdfunding on The implementation of a joint educational program is already now promoting the creation and conclusion to the market of new competitive products, as well as the growth of competences and generating a stable stream of innovative startups in Russia.

The most successful for the project today is StreamDesk — a P2P platform in which exchange transactions are protected by smart contracts. At the same time, the integration of the API of payment systems and the architectures of smart contracts of different blocks ensures security not only cryptocurrency, but also fate money that do not leave the wallets of users, since all transactions occur automatically directly between the participants.

Nadezhda Surova, director of the Institute of Management and Socio-Economic Design, says that with StreamDesk is developing a joint technological solution to realize the possibility of buying goods or projects, as well as participation in educational and social programs of the cryptocurrency platform. By adding that it is for now in Russia where you can make purchases for the virtual currency, but the demand exceeds the offer, especially in the sphere of crowdfunding.

Leader: general director Planeta.Ru Fedor Murachkovsky is confident in the success of the program, since the Internet helps to wash the borders and unite the commands remotely, allowing people to support projects, being thousands of kilometers. According to him, only on platform, more than 2,900 projects were implemented, and each of them changed a little world for the better.

Recall that in Russia to carry out operations with cryptocurrencies it will be necessary to pass