Cryptocurrency market trends in 2019


While part of the market players loses faith in cryptocurrency, «gropes bottom» and buried Bitcoin, professional traders and large investors understand: finally their starry hour has come. It’s time to bother the desperate mortal-investors from the desperate investors in chasing prices. If you do not try to predict the dynamics of the Cryptovalum course (such forecasts today can be found for every taste and desire), and look at the market as a whole, then three key trends can be distinguished that will be the main points of growth in 2019.

Because of the High ICO projects in 2017-2018, the market overwhelmed by «trash» cryptoactives and fake projects. In 2018, the phase of active market cleansing was held. In 2019, this trend will continue, but together with him the market for attracting capital by issuing digital assets will be restored, its quality will grow, including due to the occurrence of regulation from states. This will enable ICO to evolve into a modern and reliable tool for attracting capital, will give impetus to the development of the digital assets market.

The key format will be STO — Security Token Offering or «Adjustable ICO». So began to call ICO, during which the placement of Security-tokenes, the owners of which will have the right of ownership. STO partly compare with the traditional way to ensure capital and solves the key problem of crypto investors — the risk of continued investment.

In 2018, we received very clear signals from the regulatory authorities of various countries, including SEC, that cryptocurrency and ICO markets should be settled. It is expected that this trend is expected to enhance this trend. In turn, the emergence of regulation will establish the rules for the work of financial institutions and other legal entities with cryptocurrency. It will enable the stock exchanges to work with banks, use bank transfers, to enter into contracts with legal entities. Also, regulation will provide an opportunity to acquire cryptocurrency assets to institutional investors and other capital market players.

The development of Crypto Industry has already resulted in a number of capital investments on the part of the largest investment banks, international stock exchanges, forex brokers and other players. The cleansing of the market led to the lack of players (cryptochegges, platforms for ICO, mining pools, cryptococheries, manufacturers of mining equipment and other) extensions and increased competition, including at the expense of «entrance» to the market of new powerful players. These trends are expected to lead to market consolidation (merger and acquisitions) and possible bankruptcies (for example, as happened to the WEX exchange).

To maintain further development rates in the absence of extension and the possibility of attracting significant capital at the expense of ICO, many players have already begun preparation for IPO (Initial Public Offering) to attract share capital and growth of confidence in its company from institutional investors.

At the expense of the above trends, it is possible to predict an increase in the liquidity of the cryptoaculation market, broader penetration among the broad masses of the population, the influx of institutional capital in the form of investments and the emergence of new crypto tools provided by real assets.