Cryptostartap Circle plans to collect another $ 250 million to survive the bear market


The Circle startup plans to additionally attract $ 250 million to counter the negative consequences of crisis on cryptors.

US media reports that Circle Internet Financial seeks to attract funds by combining joint-stock and debt financing. The reason for such a decision was the deterioration of the financial situation of the firm associated with the prolonged decline of the virtual currency market.

According to experts, the startup supported by Goldman Sachs has already received at least $ 246 million, and last spring was estimated at $ 3 billion. Then the project was invested: Bitmain, Accel, Blockchain Capital, IDG, Pantera and others.

At the moment, the company is a cryptocurrency conglomerate offering various financial products. It provides over-the-counter trading services for institutional investors through their Circle Invest, a year ago, the Poloniex exchange was acquired, and also launched its own USD Coin (USDC) stubbled to the US dollar.

Companies that competently dispose of existing means, even during the crisis, continue to actively develop. An example is Binance, which