Etherium production fell to a record low


According to the statistical data of the Etherscan website, February 11 for creating new Ethereum blocks miners received a reward in the amount of 13131

Yesterday, the production rate was 13363 coins, exceeding a minimum of only 1.75%, which is about a third below December 2018, when the prospectors total received about 20 thousand ETH and three times less record amount of 39.3 thousand air June 30, 2015 of the year. Such changes are caused by the housing housing network associated with the «bomb of complexity».

This mechanism was deliberately implemented by developers to gradually freeze mining after the Ethereum transition on the POS consensus algorithm. However, its activation has been transferred several times, so the team decided to integrate the protocol of delaying the bomb of complexity in the system-wide update of Constantinople, the implementation of which was scheduled for February 27.

To compensate for greenhouse conditions for miners, after Hardforka, the remuneration for closing the block will be reduced from 3 ETH to 2 Eth. Such changes affect the market, since over the past few days, Etherumer returned the second position of the market capitalization rating and tries to increase the separation from Ripl (

Parallel traders are preparing for Halving Lightcine (