FedEx introduced a unmanned delivery robot


The American company FedEx, providing postal, courier and other logistics services around the world, presented its own version of the unmanned robotic vehicle for delivery.

The device received a Sameday Bot name and is intended to deliver small parcels for short distances. Its maximum speed is 10 km / h, and energy gets from the battery. Bot functions completely autonomously and is able to take into account the movement of pedestrians, transport. To observe the outside world and orientation in space, it is equipped with a camera and sensor system, as well as unmanned cars.

The first tests are scheduled for the end of 2019. Initially, FedEx plans to use the bot for delivering parcels between its own offices in Memphis. After completing the tests and obtaining the approval of the government, the Corporation intends to use it for servicing other companies, retail chains, and ultimately make robots standard elements of their urgent delivery service.

At the moment, FedEx is already negotiating with potential customers, such as Walmart, AutoZone, Target and Pizza Hut to assess the potential demand for this type of service. Representatives of the corporation say that about 60% of buyers of these stores live within a radius of 4 km, which is the optimal distance for the bot.

American postal giant is not the only player on this field. AMAZON and a lot of startups work on the autonomous delivery service. However, unlike competitors, Sameday Bot is equipped with front and rear screens, with which it can interact with pedestrians, warning about the future direction or stop. This will significantly reduce the potential risks of an accident.

Despite the strengthening of competition, startups in this area already