For February, Bitcoin rose by 11%, but what to wait next?


After the positive closure of February, the cryptocurrency market begins March with the resumption of the descending movement. Bitcoin fell below $ 3,800, but traders try to keep the next decline.

Today, the next collapse of the cryptocurrency market began, as a result of which most coins have already lost 2-5% of the cost.

After a semi-annual recession, at the end of February, Bitcoin first recorded growth at the level of 11%, rising a month from $ 3440 to $ 3850. At the same time, the rate of daily trading volume and the number of transactions on the network reached the annual maximum, which confirms the increase in interest in the asset. However, during this period, none of the attempts to keep the course above $ 4,000 neither crowned with success, so investors could decide to fix profits.

Over the past day, the Bitcoin rate fell by 2.2% and at the time of writing the article is $ 3779. Even despite oversold, technical analysis confirms the formation of a downward trend and the possibility of establishing new minima. Although the market of virtual currencies often behaves irrationally, therefore practically no prediction.

Ether (ETH) during this period decreased by 4.4% and reached $ 129. It is worth noting that the successfully completed system-wide updating of the platform almost did not affect the value of the asset, despite the huge changes in the network functional.

Ripple (XRP) price for this period decreased by 2.7% to $ 0.306. EOS was again recognized in the Chinese ranking as the best blockchain, but it did not bring him a tangible benefit, because during the day he lost 5.67% of the cost and traded at $ 3.33. The Lightcoon and Bitcoin Cash rate fell by 3.95% and 5.25 to $ 47,11 and $ 125.4, respectively.