From the Microsoft App Store, 8 Windows applications are deleted, which secretly mined cryptocurrency


Symantec researchers have discovered eight applications in Microsoft App Store, in which the Coinhive script for hidden Monero Mower (

All of them were intended for Windows 10 and were added by three developers, DigiDream, 1Clean and Findoo, but analysts suggest that there is one person or group behind their creation. All products were published from April to December 2018 and users could find them in the list of the best free apps.

After downloading and installing them, they add the JavaScript library for mining, running Google Tag Manager on its servers. The script is further activated, which uses the lion’s share of the computing power of the PC processor for mining.

The description of remote applications has not been said about the accompanying mining. Although they were in the store less than a year, but researchers say that during this period many users could start using them.

Due to high privacy, Monero is the most popular cryptocurrency among cybercriminals. Symantec believe that hackers produced more than 4.3% of the total number of existing coins, and the illegal mining produce 2218 groups.

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