Hyperloop completed the construction of a Vacuum Train Test Track in France


Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) announced the completion of the construction of a full-scale test site of the vacuum train path in Toulouse.

The track long 320 meters will be fully ready in a few weeks, after the installation of vacuum pumps is completed. The first tests of passenger

Hyperloop One of the few companies working on the implementation of the high-speed transport system of the future, which provides for the movement of containers levitors on a forvacuum requirement at a speed of up to 1250 km / h. However, unlike a competitor, Virgin Hyperloop One, HTT has not yet conducted trial launches and has only a technical and economic justification.

According to representatives of the company, Toulouse will become a test site for testing future commercial sections of projects in Abu Dhabi and China.

Previously, we reported that in India work on the creation