Ice plans to spend more than $ 20 million to create Bakkt


The network of Exchange and Clearing Chambers for Financial and Commodity Markets Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) intends to invest more than $ 20 million in the Bakkt platform.

Scott Hill Financial Director said that in terms of costs for 2019, $ 20-25 million were allocated to establish a division for storing and trade in Bitcoin futures. According to Jeff Prechchcher, the ICE general director, investment in Bakkt are not a typical activity and for the largest operator of the fixed market is something like a flight to the moon.

Despite this, the platform has already been interested in major players, such as Microsoft and Starbucks, and at the end of 2018 in the first round of financing

ICE management was evaconed against the answer to the question regarding the timing of the work of the platform, saying only that users will be able to see the finished product later this year. Launch date already

Such a long delay decided to take advantage of fraudsters. Recently, they created a fake website and sent out potential investors emails with a proposal to take part in the new round of platform financing and send bitcoins to the specified address.

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