In China, open 1000 clinics with artificial intelligence instead of doctors


Ping An Good Doctor has signed a contract for servicing almost 1000 operational clinics based on artificial intelligence for providing medical services to more than 3 million citizens.

At the moment, such institutions are already working in eight provinces and cities of the country, conducting online advice on 2000 common diseases and immediately responding to tens of thousands of users’ questions regarding health and medicine. Each single clinic has a stock of more than 100 categories of popular drugs stored in a chilled state to save quality. If the patient needs a drug that is not on the stand, it can order it via the Internet with the help of a special application, and the nearest pharmacy partner will deliver it within an hour.

Representatives Ping An Good Doctor argue that online advice is very accurate and effective because they are provided by the AI ​​Doctor artificial intelligence system. It was engaged in its development company R & D and when analyzing, it takes into account the data of more than 300 million consultations. During the work, the consulting service conducts preliminary user diagnostics before putting a preliminary diagnosis. Further, a real experienced doctor is connected to the process, which can give additional recommendations to ensure high-quality treatment.

Customers of operational clinics say they save a lot of time due to lack of registration and queues. In addition, they work around the clock and it is convenient to buy medicines at night.

In addition to public places, such institutions are installed on the territory of Volkswagen and at the headquarters of the IT company Bilibili. This allows not only to provide operational assistance with minor industrial injuries, but also to save on the content of the staff of the staff.

In China, digitalization develops with a tremendous pace and has already penetrated almost all areas of public life. Earlier we reported that in eleven schools