In Geneva, presented the world’s first electric hypercar, which develops more than 350 km / h


At the Geneva Motor Show, the world’s first fully electric PinInfarina Battista hypercar was presented, which is capable of developing speed more than 350 km / h, which makes it one of the fastest cars of the planet.

The project was developed by the Italian designer company PinInfarina with headquarters in Germany. The manufacturer claims that the electric vehicle accelerates from 0 to 300 km / h in less than 12 seconds and is able to drive 450 km without recharging.

Designers argue that the silent operation of the engine will allow drivers to hear all the surrounding sounds, and the lack of delays in systems will allow you to fully enjoy the control process. At the same time, electrification provides high performance with zero levels of harmful emissions.

The electric car will enter the market next year and it will cost € 2 million.

The company is positioning Battista as a future hypercard, combining the latest technical innovations and respect for the history of the automotive industry. According to developers, PinInfarina brand cars will become the most powerful and attractive Italian sports cars.

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