In the Parliament, France offered to prohibit anonymous cryptovat


Eric Vert, head of the Finance Committee of the National Assembly of France, proposed to introduce a ban on turnover and trade in anonymous cryptocurrency, such as Monero, Zcash.

In his report, he proposes to prohibit the use of all virtual currencies whose protocols do not allow you to identify users. The proposed measures are aimed at combating fraud, tax evasion, money laundering and other illegal activities in which confidential coins can be used. According to him, the innovation will help the regulator to protect the interests of the participants in this sphere.

Eric Vert also believes that serious discussion requires the issue of the permission of trade in such cryptocurrencies on licensed stock exchanges. Victory ban already

The position of the French government regarding virtual currencies still remains uncertain. Since in the absence of any significant restrictions, the authorities do not encourage the further development of crypto industry. Earlier, parliament rejected a proposal to increase the amount of the taxable minimum on the annual volume of transactions from € 300 to € 3 thousand.

Unlike France, in Argentina, the cryptocurrency market is now on the rise due to hyperinflation of the national currency, and recently the authorities