In the UAE, connected the world’s largest battery installation, with a capacity of 108 MW and a capacity of 648 MWC


The Ministry of Energy of the UAE reported the launch of a sodium-sulfur rechargeable installation with a capacity of 108 MW and a capacity of 648 MWh.

United Arab Emirates love to establish new world records: the highest building, the largest shopping center, freshwater reservoir. This time they connected the most powerful power source consisting of 10 separate parts located on the territory of Abu Dhabi. Because of what the Ministry calls the «virtual» in the Ministry.

By 2030, the country plans to invest $ 160 billion in the development of renewable energy sources in order to receive more than 60% of electricity from alternative sources by 2050. The UAE has already been built one of the world’s largest solar farms and, as other similar projects appear, the need for storage facilities, which will be able to provide a stable supply of energy during periods, when the sun does not shine.

However, instead of lithium-ion devices, the Emirates stopped on sodium-sulfur batteries of the Japanese company NGK. Although the first option is able to accumulate a lot of energy in a small volume, but require cooling to maintain the required operating temperature. Sodium-sulfur function is functioning at 300 ° C and have good insulation, so for long-term storage are a more cost-effective option.

The created rechargeable setting is so large that it is capable of providing up to six hours of reserve nutrition of all Abu Dhabi. It significantly surpassed the previous leader, the Japanese installation of NGK, having a power of 50 MW and the energy intensity of 100 MW.

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