Is it true that the stars that we see have long been extinct?


    In general, this question is asked very often, but for some reason it was not in the last couple of months. And now they ask me:

    The fact that most visible stars have long been dead, it is a myth that has arisen because of the wrong interpretation of scientific facts and distributed by many pseudo-alignment sites, vkontakte publics and channels in Telegram and Zen.

    The fact is that the unarmed eyes are visible to the stars, which are at a distance on average no more than 2000 light years (some are on, but not much).

    Accordingly, we see them as they were 2,000 years ago (or less if the star is closer than 2000 years). No star located on, than 2000 light years is not visible to the naked eye. Among the victims of the stars there are several stars which are close to death, and maybe they have already died, but not before the birth of the Earth, and quite recently.

    This misconception arose due to the fact that we see a lot of stars in the telescopes in a billions of light years, and here among them, many people have found many times, but new stars have been formed at their places.

    Our land is about four and a half billion years. There are really distant galaxies on the borders of the observed universe, many of the stars in which they exploded before the formation of the Earth, but we can still observe them. But at the night sky there is not a single star visible to the naked eye.

    Most likely, someone once misinterpreted this information once, and then the «spoiled phone» led to the birth of error that the stars that could be seen in the sky had long died.