Lawyers need to prepare for the coming legislative regulation of the digital economy


The legislative regulation of the digital economy is already on the approach, therefore, to help specialists prepare for future changes, April 8, 2019 in the State Duma of the Russian Federation will begin training 8 flow of the program of additional education BCL «Legal foundations and legal practices of work with cryptocurrency and blockchain projects».

Training in

Much attention is paid to the study of tax and criminal law — students disassemble the taxation of cryptoactive, mining in terms of business activities, examples of fraud, crimes in the field of ICO and so on. The possibilities of introducing blockchain technology in the scope of copyright and protection of intellectual property are also considered.

Course listeners disassemble the already existing judicial and law enforcement practice: bankruptcy, cases related to the exchange of cryptocurrency for fate money, blocking of crypto exchange sites, section of property.

At the beginning of the course, lawyers disassemble the technical foundations of the blockchain, cryptocurrency, ICO and STO, mining, smart contracts, as well as their use in practice. In addition, students get acquainted with innovative technological solutions in the right, Legaltech and e-commerce.

His knowledge and competence listeners will confirm the certificate of the state’s activities about the advanced training of the RAU them. G.V. Plekhanov.

Leckers will be leading experts from Rakib, IBM, Waves Labs, Bitfury, Skolkovo Foundation and other specialized organizations.