Microsoft and Facebook installed a new record speed of data transmission over the underwater cable


A recent experiment using 16QAM modulation made it possible to achieve a record transmission rate of 26.2 terabitis per second along a transatlantic cable with a length of 6440 km, belonging to Facebook and Microsoft.

According to a group of researchers, the new technology has made it possible to achieve an indicator that is 20% higher than theoretically possible throughput of all eight pairs of optical fiber. All this without updating the cable itself.

The record speed was demonstrated on the Marea line, which today is the most powerful underwater highway in the world with a bandwidth of 160 Tbit / s. The cable passes between Bilbao in Spain and Virginia Beach in the United States, which have already become popular platforms for new data centers.

Experts argue that the value of the experiment is difficult to overestimate, since it was carried out at the already existing line, and therefore, the increase in efficiency can be achieved without investing hundreds of millions of dollars on the laying of new ones. In addition, raising the speed managed to achieve a cable of a huge length.

However, it will take time before such indicators of information transmission will become commonplace. Despite the fact that the stated speed is 20 Tbit / s, now it actually is 9.5 Tbit / s. Therefore, specialists do not have little work to overcome a number of practical obstacles to the goal to achieve the goal.

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