Microsoft introduced AR-headset Augmented Reality Hololens 2


Microsoft has demonstrated a demo version of the Hololens 2 mixed reality headset, designed as a specialized tool for the workplace.

Although the new version of the device is based on the previous concept, but has three important innovations. First of all, the eye tracking system has been added, which allows you to interact with virtual objects without turning the head and only with the help of the view. Recognition of the iris also ensures the use of biometric data to identify user and authorization in services. At the same time, the technology allows you to work with glasses.

There are no physical controllers in Hololens 2, since Microsoft is completely relied on hand tracking and voice control. Sensors now take into account the change in the position of 25 points on their hands, including the movements of the wrist and fingers, plus can recognize the direction of the palms.

The viewing field in the new device is enlarged almost twice and is now 52 degrees. This is comparable to watching the hologram through the window size with a book. The resolution was increased to an equivalent of a 2K display for each eye, but the density of the image remained the same — 47 pixels per degree. The projection is created using a mirror and three lasers at a speed of 120 frames per second.

The headset is equipped with a Qualcomm 850 processor, as well as an artificial intelligence system. The weight of Hololens 2 is 566 grams. Additionally, the possibility of joint viewing of the same 3D model will be available using Microsoft cloud services. The device works autonomously and can be connected to the network via Wi-Fi, but the company’s plans include adding support for 5G. The new version of the device is already available for order for $ 3500.

So far, the company does not seek mass production, but improves the system. However, in the future technology of virtual reality