Nanogenerators are created, which accumulate static electricity to power electronics


Engineers have developed triboelectric nanogenerators, accumulating static electricity from friction, which can then be used to power small electronic devices.

Each of us remembers the school experiment with an ebony sticky or how baby hair is attracted to the balloon during the game. This phenomenon is called a tribelectric effect and it is known since ancient times. However, solutions for its practical use in real products appeared only recently, thanks to the development of nanotechnology.

A group of researchers from the University of New York in Buffalo studied this effect and worked on the creation of durable power sources for small electronic devices. Using computer simulation and physical experiments, they developed triboelectric nanogenerators, which can accumulate static electricity and manage it.

According to scientists, the source of energy can serve as friction between the fingers and the screen of the smartphone, wrist and smart clock, or even between the shoes and the surface of the road. By adding that in the future it can become an alternative energy source, reducing the need for traditional.

The conducted studies combined many disciplines, including the mechanics of contact interaction and solid bodies,

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