New Jaguar technology will allow drivers to forget about the red traffic signal


Jaguar Land Rover tests a system that will help the driver move around the city with smaller delays, avoid traffic jams and red traffic lights, and also has a number of other innovative features.

The vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2X) developed by Vehicle-to-InfraStructure (V2X) will allow the car to access roadside infrastructure systems and exchange data with other vehicles. As a result of the analysis of the information, the alert system will be able to prevent the driver about road conditions, weather, traffic jams, and also recommend adhere to the optimal speed to move only on the green light. However, the possibilities of the new technology are not limited.

V2X will warn about the threat of a collision, obstacles on the route, unsafe situation at the intersection and will help determine which cars have an advantage in motion, and at the end of the way will even tell me where to find a free parking place. In addition, the company is engaged in the development of a system that will automatically open the door when the owner approaches the owner and literally illuminate the further direction of the motion of the unmanned vehicle. At the same time, the gaps between the lines will vary depending on the current speed.

Additionally test sound systems for the alert pedestrians about the approximation of a silent electric vehicle. So far, the developments are experiencing on prototypes of unmanned cars to make sure their efficiency and security. Representatives of Jaguar argue that new technologies will help drivers not only to reduce the level of voltage at city trips, but also reduce fuel consumption, air pollution.

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