Physics created micronasos moving fluid without moving parts


Scientists have developed a photoakoucular microfluid pump with a laser drive, which is capable of moving fluids in any direction without moving parts or electrical contacts.

The dimensions of the existing pumps are limited to methods for processing their structural elements. However, a team of researchers from the University of Houston offered a potential solution to the problem. To do this, they made a small quartz substrate, and the gold atoms (1016 per 1 cm2) were implanted on its surface, and then the laser pulse was sent to it. Under the action of the impulse, gold nanoparticles begin to generate ultrasound waves, leading fluid through an acoustic flow.

At the same time, the nanoparticles provide a practically unlimited number of targets for a laser, which allows moving fluids in any direction with high accuracy and without any moving elements. The operation of micronasos is based not open in 2017 by the principle of optofluidic, binding photoacouette with an acoustic flow.

However, according to the researchers themselves, the mechanisms of how and why it works, they are still not fully understood. Therefore, they will continue to study the phenomenon to fully disclose its potential and possible areas of application.

The invention can be used in biomedical devices and to develop new methods of drug delivery, as well as in microfluidic and optoflide studies.

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