Physics found evidence that sound waves can carry the mass


The researchers team presented new evidence that sound waves can carry the mass and are affected by gravity.

Previously, scientists were confident that the sound is a carrier of energy, but not mass. However, three physicists from Columbia University found a way to refute this.

Using a quantum field theory, they showed that sound waves moving through superfluid helium transferred a small amount of its mass. More precisely, they found that during the movement of sound waves in the substance, phonons began to interact with the gravitational field, causing the mass movement. According to researchers, this phenomenon can be observed in most materials.

Using effective methods of field theory, they showed that the sound wave, the intensity of 1 W / m2, moving in water for 1 second, will carry about 0.1 mg of mass. Scientists also noted that the mass was part of the system under study, which moved along with the wave, moving from one place to another.

However, the team applied mathematical calculations for proof, and did not produce actual measurements of the portable mass. According to scientists, in the laboratory for such measurements, you can use the movement of sound waves in the condensate Bose Einstein. They also say that this phenomenon can be studied in a natural environment, during an earthquake, when sound waves can carry millions of tons of substance through the center of the planet.

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