Researchers reported the strengthening of Bitcoin decentralization


According to the research conducted by the financial company CANACCORD GENUITY GROUP, over the past five years, the decentralization of Bitcoin intensified and continues to grow.

In the February report, it is said that this is primarily due to the strengthening of competition in the market and the distribution of Hesrayite between different participants. According to CanAccord, in mid-2014, the Mingle Pula controlled almost half of the entire network power, which increased the likelihood of an attack organization 51%. However, at the moment, none of the pools control over 19% of Hesreit Bitcoin. At the same time, only 5 participants have more than 10% of the total network power.

Although researchers allocate several factors that influenced the situation, but the most important is the most importantly, the widespread of the Asians through the development of chip technology, which increased the struggle for receiving remuneration. For example, for

However, the numbers of the distribution of hashraite are very different depending on the source. According to, the share of Antpool is 10.5%, and Bitaps insists for the presence of only 8.5% of the same pool.

Recall that in the course of another study it was found that for Minenga Bitcoin is spent almost in