Researchers suggest building space stations inside asteroids


According to scientists, future space stations must be created directly inside large rotating asteroids, which will provide additional protection, gravity and simplify the development.

The team of researchers from the University of Vienna analyzed the prospects of space expansion and existing mining projects from extraterrestrial objects. It was found that most of them are as the most attractive development options view asteroids with a diameter of 100 to 500 m. Therefore, several solutions were proposed regarding the design and creation of space stations or even colonies within the educated caves.

Mining in open space is associated with a mass of difficulties, primarily due to low gravity. Scientists argue that if you find an asteroid with a fairly stable structure, then in additional solid walls there will be no need, since the cylindrical stations can be created directly inside. At the same time, the optimal option is the body that makes several revolutions per minute, which will ensure sufficient centrifugal force for effective mining of minerals.

The researchers also say that emptiness remaining after the extraction of valuable resources can later be used to create a colony. At the same time, the breed on top of the station will provide additional protection against radiation.

The team from Vienna presented calculations that will help companies and all interested in identifying the best options for celestial bodies and methods of their operation. Although experts believe that we will be able to learn more about the effectiveness of recommendations not earlier than in 20 years, when mining will begin.

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