Ripple starts a system-wide update


Ripple reported on activation of a major update of the XRP LEDGER 1.2.0 network registry.

The new version provides a number of changes, among which increases the sustainability of sole data change, that is, no one can cancel or adjust the transaction after its introduction to the blockchain. The system will now automatically detect similar actions and strengthen the protection of specific records.

Version 1.2.0. Also lowers the minimum reserve of funds on the balance sheet necessary for use by participants in multi-verses, up to 5 XRP. The release includes many more other minor additions and corrections. However, Ripple welcomes third-party code analysis and offers remuneration for identifying errors and vulnerabilities.

To ensure stable operation, operators must update the XRP LEDGER until February 27, otherwise after this date they will not be able to receive correct data and perform operations on the network. The servers of the company itself and partners began to translate to a new version from February 13.

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