Roman Pogolotsky: «After 3 years we will stop buying TVs and smartphones, because they will no longer need»


Russia is rapidly moving towards global digitalization and automation, but we still vaguely imagine the scale of the upcoming changes. In order not to stay «overboard» tomorrow, business and citizens need to adapt to changes today and master the necessary skills.

Roman Pogolotsky, founder and head of the federal program for the development of the personnel of the digital economy «Cyber Russia», told BitCryptonews about the further development of information technologies, the importance of learning in this direction and, of course, about the prospects of the blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Project «

The deficit, of course, is. It is connected, first of all, with the rapid growth of the technologies themselves. Virtual and augmented reality in this plan takes a large niche. This is a market that will grow closest, at least twenty years, and even more.

Specialists who are now on the market are very in demand, because to work in the AR / VR direction, it is necessary to own a huge amount of skills that we train from the nier. People come to us without preparation, but in 2-3 years begin to write their first software. Our task is to have more money to earn money with our program. We already have precedents.

The situation has developed a situation, the code we provide a huge number of other states and the most valuable talents from us, unfortunately, are rejected. Therefore, our priority goal is to create such conditions under which you can develop software and sell it around the world without leaving the Russian Federation.

But, of course, when we talk about some serious projects, it is important to understand that Russia is not a market at all. That is, the Russian-speaking population is 1% of the online population of the planet, and this is all the charm.

What existing information technology do you consider the most significant in the long term and why?

First, systems that are collected, stored and process data is the most powerful trend. That is, we move from the Information Society to the Data Management Society, from IT — in Data Technologies.

Secondly, these data must be managed. This includes systems of artificial intelligence, computer vision, unmanned vehicles, virtual and supplemented reality, robotics and blockchain, of course.

In your opinion, when the AR / VR technology will be integrated into jobs, and support services will switch to virtual regime?

I think we are now about 3 years before that moment, and in 2022-2023 it will become a massive phenomenon. Then we can enter some «Euroset» or «connected» and buy for $ 300 virtual reality glasses, write there software and not buy more TVs, monitors and smartphones, because they are not particularly needed.

A completed reality has a very serious advantage: she frees hands. In those professions where the hands are busy, augmented reality is the only effective solution. For example, these are doctors, designers, mechanics and all those who work in such conditions. Therefore, when such an accessible equipment appears, then it will immediately be used.

How do you feel about the idea of virtual offices?

I believe in it. Instead of buying a bunch of monitors and not be able to carry them into the country, in another office or city, it will be easier to buy glasses and make virtual monitors to interact with everything you need.

That is, the next step is virtual monitors?

They are already there! Just points now do not fulfill a full function due to a small battery charge and low power. With them you can not work all day without recharging. Well, for a number of other reasons, but these shortcomings will quickly correct. The bill goes for months.

What about the stores in AR / VR?

Compared with training personnel, production, medicine, marketing, all installations, architecture and industries 4.0, these are noises. I think they will have less than 3% of the market.

It turns out, stores will not use AR / VR massively?

No, why? Will, because any tag on clothes or goods on the counter is the surface that can be used as a marker for augmented reality.

Of course it will be, and this is a huge business. But compared with production facilities, training and education, I think it will be used less.

You now asked, and I thought. If we are talking about the retail, the delivery of orders will soon be engaged by unmanned drones, so this niche will also leave. Let’s see, in any case, all this will develop.

Which of the latest projects in the field of virtual / supplemented reality are you impressed most?

Personally I was impressed that we recently did together with the company «Rebaj». This is a simulator of human behavior in an extreme situation when urgently need to provide medical care. I am surprised to find that I have no idea what to do if I see that a person lies on the floor unconscious and he has a head in the blood. For me it was an interesting experience, and now I know how to behave.

That is, he immediately shows options what to do?

This is the difference that does not immediately show, but you need to make certain actions. This is the principal difference between watching video and finding in a virtual environment. This is the presence of an interactive script that can demonstrate which options in the simulator can be. After the experience gained, I became more prepared for such things. I liked it very much, and I really believed in the prospects for staff training in this way.

When it became clear how easy it is to reproduce the critical situation, which is practically not to recreate in real conditions, it doesn’t matter that the conveyor breakdowns, an explosion on a nuclear power plant or something else, and you can live it, then the understanding of how to behave in this atmosphere . I really impressed me.

What do you think, in the future, waiting for blockchas and cryptocurrency?

The blockchain is waiting for prosperity. This is a technology that allows you to create a secure storage structure. And cryptocurrencies are a difficult question, because it is not a state-regulated currency, which will cause certain issues in the authorities of different countries. Therefore, I think the cryptocurrencies do not expect anything good, unlike their basic technology.

We will still see the flourishing of this system. Because now we have observed only its exclusively mercantile applications. The market was overheated by those investors who believed in the ease of profit. And now this niche rolled back, because no one wants to be deceived.

In addition, 95% of the projects in the blockchain were stupid, and those 5% that are completed, and form the market. That is, according to the Gardner curve, they will get a «stability plateau», and we will see the system that allows you to store this data using the blockchard.

They will simply be less, they will have a specific function and, in principle, for this future. I think that counterparts take place in the blockchain, and we will see the procession of segmented catalogs, data structures that are consciously decentralized.

Why was it decided to make an emphasis in the training programs for 3D modeling, AR / VR and blockchain services, and not on more «fashionable» now Big Data and artificial intelligence?

Generally, we developers of computer games and this topic is closer to us! We believe that computer games are such a type of interactive media that will constantly develop. Obviously, most children are playing computer games now.

When we spell up and ask questions: «Which of you play computer games? Which of you wants to do computer games? «, I see the forest of hands. And this is understandable for them to offer, because we are through the creative idea, through inspiration, visible or expected image of the future in the form of a game for this idea, motivate a child or a student to make it.

When it starts creating, it turns out that for the implementation you need to know a huge number of knowledge: know mathematics and physics, own multiple programming languages and various 3D modeling tools. And, of course, when he studies all this, making his game, he has a completely different attitude.

Blockchain is easy. We have a team that is very seriously developing, and we are now more went to the production of this team. That is, training now practically do not behave, because this topic is in the gray zone in our country, and we decided to focus on what is more understandable.

In addition, a virtual and augmented reality is an insanely interesting market. It grows very quickly, and for us it is more understandable and predictable from the point of view of money than everyone else.

We are also engaged in robotics, artificial intelligence, neural networks with computer vision — all this is also in the field of our view, but we made a virtual and augmented reality. The plans also develop the sphere of the Internet of things.

The second important thesis is what we are in a digital environment. In our hand no longer just a mobile phone for calls. It has applications associated with the server with cloud computing. Part of them processes artificial intelligence, and there are applications with augmented reality, that is, this is a whole complex.

Virtual and Augmented Reality is a new type of input / output of information as a whole. When virtual reality glasses appear at the level of smartphones’ availability level, we will see the explosive growth in sales of content. And we systematically want to take exactly this niche.

What can you now count on those who successfully finished learning?

We have several options for completing learning. The first option — we help with employment. We ourselves have a large number of vacancies. The market grows very quickly, we are catastrophically lack developers and teachers. We employ those who express their desire and meets personal qualities.

If a person meets the requirements and really wants to work, then we help him. He very quickly finds a job, and well paid. A large number of people have already passed through us, and there were no such situations when a person asked us with employment, and some problems arose with this.

The second option is the creation of your company or team. We come to establish our stratum, and try to understand how to do it right. They have some kind of idea or even a project, team, and we help them from this to make a «candy».

Even if a person does not work with us, then at the end of learning he has a rich portfolio, since in the learning process he solves many interesting tasks. And it all begins with computer games, because it is one of the most complex types of software that motivates greatly and inspires both children and adults.

When they learned how to create games, everything else is easy enough and understandable. A person in the learning process, in 2-3 years, depending on the program, it receives such luggage of work and experience that he can easily find a good job with them.

For software, there is a clear logistics. Through the Internet, everything is much easier occurrence and there is a high capital-intensity of processes. That is, a team of seven people can make a cool product that will enjoy the success of millions of users around the world. It will be enough to translate it into several languages and that’s it.

What are the age limits for students?

It is worth noting that our program is designed for several target groups with which we work. The first group is children, for them there is a program from 1 to grade 8. We developed a large enough and extensive program to train them to the desired level.

The second group is adult developers who have a great request for improving their competencies:

They come to the coworking, where we are with a specific team, with a specific person, we develop an individual training program. It becomes a work plan, where we have to get the expected result at the exit. And it does not matter, it is employment, creating a project or product issue to the market.

And the third group is pensioners. From this year, we began to actively work with them to prepare and make them teachers. In March, we launch the first pensioners training groups. In our country, the retirement age increased, and somewhere people need to work.

Do you plan to expand the list of learning programs in the near future?

Now, first of all, this is computer vision, machine learning and systems with artificial intelligence. About robotics later, she now is more like mechatronics. In a virtual and augmented reality, we believe most, so they are engaged. It is a clear product for us, and he has clear prospects.

Our goals: Create the world’s best education, stop exporting human capital and establish exports of education and software.