Rosobrnadzor introduces blockchas to the exam since 2019


The head of Rosobrnadzor Sergey Kravtsov said that since 2019, the department plans to use blockchain technology to improve the efficiency of the EGE system.

According to Ekaterina Malyarova, K.Yu.n., teacher of the Program of Additional Education

«The main advantage of the blockchain is to ensure the accuracy of the data already in it. In this case, using technology it is impossible to ensure the objectivity of the information that is only submitted. This feature will not significantly reduce the number of doubters in the objectivity of the estimation «

Regarding the relevance of this idea, taking into account the fact that no first year is discussed by the refusal of the EGE as such, in the near future, cardinal transformations in the field of assessing graduates’ knowledge is not foreseen on objective reasons. It is obvious that none of the alternatives offered to date (including the proposal of the deputy of the State Duma Boris Chernyshov deputy to replace the EGE of the blockchain-system identification of talents) is not perfect and to the end of the finalized.

Recall that the Russian government also plans to expand the definition of digital financial assets. According to