Samsung introduced a robotic hand that will help in cooking in the kitchen


At The Kitchen & Bath Industry show in Las Vegas, Samsung introduced a number of technical innovations and devices that help people with everyday tasks.

Among them was a robotic hand that helps the owner in cooking. According to the developers, customers will be able to fix various kitchen accessories on it so that the device is engaged in cutting, hot sauces and other operations. They promise that some recipes can be downloaded to its operating system.

The South Korean technological giant also demonstrated the Chef Garden refrigerator, in which you can grow spicy herbs, such as basil, and even small vegetables. Samsung argues that its software controls humidity, temperature and lighting to create favorable conditions for plants.

Another new thing was the Robot Clean Robot Cleaner with a built-in surrounding space recognition sensor and the screen displaying the operation mode and the cleaning state. The event also presented a moving device for air purification Bot Air and the GEMS robot, which was created specifically to help disabled people and elderly to walk on their own.

Bosch also recently introduced the technology that would change our life. German manufacturer developed