Scientists have found a new method for creating diamonds from carbon nanoparticles


Researchers have developed diamond production technology from nanoscale carbon particles under normal pressure and ambient temperature.

In nature, such crystals are formed in the depths of the Earth under the influence of high pressure and temperature, so existing artificial methods of their manufacture are actually repeated these conditions. However, this process requires the mass of energy and bulky equipment.

Recently, a group of researchers from the University of North Carolina has demonstrated an alternative methodology. It involves the impact of a laser beam on a nanofire of carbon, which for only 100 nanoseconds are heated to 3727 ° C and instantly melted. Such a number of energy is enough to evaporate the material, so to prevent it, the team used a substrate from plastic, glass or sapphire to limit the heat flow and stop changing the phase. Next, the molten carbon is quickly cooled so that it is crystallized into the diamond.

The image of the left shows the carbon nanostaine to laser irradiation, and the on the right is already converted into diamond fiber.

With this technology, you can create diamond nanofibers for

Previously, a group of Asian scientists has discovered that